Pelvic Pain

What is chronic pelvic pain?

Chronic pelvic pain is a pain coming from the pelvis, typically lasting more than 6 months. The pain may be noncyclic or cyclic or related to menstruation and intercourse. Noncyclic pain can be sharp pain, burning or a constant discomfort.

What is the cause of pelvic pain?

It is multifactorial and may have physical and psychological component. Chronic pelvic pain is most commonly caused by irritable bowelsyndrome, bladder pain syndrome or interstitial cystitis,myalgias,and endometriosis

When should neuralgia be suspected as the cause of pain?

When the reported pain presents with
– Hyperalgesia
– Burning sensation
– Pins and needles, razorblades, cutting pain
– Hot, or raw skin


Additional risk factors for neuralgia include
– Pelvic floor or abdominal surgeries
– Surgeries using mesh material
– Long-distance cycling
– High-intensity sports
– Prolonged sitting jobs
– Diabetes
– Herpetic infections

How is Pelvic pain diagnosed?

Treatment is challenging with several visits, long-term follow-up and interaction with multiple clinicians.


What does pelvic pain lead to?

It leads negative cognitive, behavioral, sexual,and emotional consequences

Is Laparoscopy Necessary for the Evaluation of Chronic Pelvic Pain?

In cases in which pelvic imaging and examination does not reveal an organic cause for the pain, it is acceptable to start pain management and hormonal suppression before laparoscopy