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What is Menopause?

Menopause is when there has been no periods for one year

Types of Menopause

– Natural menopause: At the appropriate age more than 45yrs needs individualised plan
– Early menopause: Between 40 -40yrs need medical attention
– Premature menopause: Before the age of 40 yrs need attention
– Primary Amenorrhoea: Women who have never had period need special care

What are the symptoms of menopause?

– Hot flashes
– Night sweats
– Changes in periods
– Weight gain
– Problem with bladder
– Vaginal dryness
– Loss of interest in sex
– Mood changes
– Sleep disturbance
– Forgetfulness headache backache
– Loss of hair on head new hair on chin
– Muscle and joint pain

Why does menopause happen?

It is an universal phenomenon, the aging ovaries stop producing eggs leading due to decline in the levels of estrogen.

What are the phases of menopause?

Menopause is not a sudden event. Women go through a transition phase (Perimenopause-last for 2-6 years) to menopause and the period beyond that is called post menopause.


Why is it important to understand the phases of menopause?

Each phase is distinct with varied presentation and the attention needed may be different.

Why does a woman need to visit her doctor at menopause?

There are two key reaons why woman should address menopausal symptoms and undergo a comprehensive health check. In India, menopause occurs at 46, compared to 52 in Caucasians. Indians face health risks earlier, making it crucial to adopt a healthy lifestyle, undergo screenings, and get immunized.

What are the changes with menopause?

The changes in body composition can be studied by DXA
– Accelerated loss of skeletal muscle – Sarcopenia
– Accelerated loss of bone mass – Osteoporosis
– Fat tissue loss /excess gain – Undernourished/ obesity
– Shift in fat tissue / Ectopic fat – Metabolic syndrome
– Sarcopenic osteoporotic obesity / Cancers
– Accelerated loss of cartilage – Osteoarthritis

You may want to know and understand about menopause - Ask the following questions to your doctor.

• Are you experienced in treating menopause as a part of your practice? If not, can you recommend a specialist?
• Which phase of menopause?
• Use of birth control?
• How long will symptoms last?
• How will menopause affect health?
• Is menopause a disease?
• Does menopause need treatment?
• If so, what are the best treatments?
• What is hormone therapy? What are the benefits and side effects?
• How safe is hormone therapy?
• How will menopause affect sex life?
• How does menopause affect other diseases or conditions ?
• What tests or screenings should done?
• Are there any medications, supplements, or natural remedies you recommend?
• What are the changes in diet?
• How much and what kinds of exercise?
• What is the importance of annual check up?